Gessuri and Gio.

Gessuri is born in Guatemala but lived most of his life in Canada. Unfortunatelly he left that day I took the picture as he did not feel right in the school. He went traveling with his herder stick and will come back in spring.
He is a wonderful human being. Almost kind of an androgyne. A very mystical and soft spirit. Seeing him perform I was intrigued by its intensity and his will to give everything! Amazing. I was almost worried that he left all energy behind him and will never recover.

he said:
14 offers me a universe of inspiration through which I have discovered a greater purpose, beyond my physical being. It will define my entire career and allow me to create meaningful work that will resonate in the hearts of its performers and audience alike.

Gio is from korea. She is almost shy when you talk with her, but she is transforming in a beast of beauty, almost a dream of beauty when you see her performing.
she is very sweet and her mother wants her to come home.

Gio is fascinated by the death.

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