Really GREEN


HA! Here is the GREEN card and surprisingly it is really green. Unfortunately you cannot see how extremely fancy this card is, but at least you get a glimpse of an idea about the front side. There is my picture with a small hovering hologram on top with interesting looking coat of arms. On the right side you can see The Statue of Liberty and of course she is bigger than me. Another hologram of me is on the back side of the card surrounded by flags of all american states and all presidents. My name and my birthday are on the card 5 times, so that I will never forget it. The title says “permanent resident” but it will expire in 2015. I had to laugh about that little paradox. Continue reading


Belchen is a mountain

Have you ever been on the top of the beautiful little mountain Belchen (1414m) in the Black Forest? It is a tiny little ski resort with only one cable car that carries the passionate skiers, snowboarders, sledders, bike skiers (I am not kidding) and snow hikers up the mountains. It even took us, 3 ordinary snow pedestrians uphill. Continue reading