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Robert Gomez Hernandez

This morning I was asked to describe how I would like my spiritual image to be.  This is what I wrote:

I would be a blue and red feathered bird like woman that can live in each element in a changing body adjusted to the environment.

My home is most likely the water, where I become a blue and red finned fish, shining in all directions, feeling home so home down there.

In the fire my feathers become flames. They help me fly fast and furious, right into Pele’s arms. There I can feel the heat melting with my soul. 

On the earth I become a big grounded creature, loving to merge with the soil and everything underneath. A place to rest and get warm in my heart. 

The air makes me fly light and high like rays of the moon transcending in blue light.

I wish you all a Merry, Merry Christmas. May the spirits guide you and hold their wings around you. Love to you all, my dear friends all over this planet.



Today I performed in a circle of women sharing stories of life. We all performed because we feel the healing power in that way of sharing and communing with each other and the real treasure to do it together.  I feel what we do and say on a stage like this becomes more valuable and deep, and that multiplied by an audience honestly witnessing makes it even stronger. These instant compositions can open windows to our hearts, minds and embodied values. It is created art by real life, and to witness the humanity, the depth, humor and artistry that might emerge is pure pleasure.

Bodytales ® is certainly not for everyone but it is worth a try if you want to start something new.

This text emerged shortly before our show started. It popped out during our “warm-up” and I used it for my first very short piece.

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Body Tales ® …

… interweaves improvised movement and spoken word story for creative expression, communication and healing. Within this committed and respectful somatic practice, we tend and attend the wealth of embodied resources within our personal and collective lives, and grow our kinship and belonging as part of the Earth.

That is how Oliva Corson defines what Body Tales is.

I started a monthly group and attended a Body Tales retreat last week-end. It took place at GEORGEOUS Salamander Camp in the Santa Cruz Mountains. Hooray! Continue reading

Das Festival

Das Butoh Festival hat gestern angefangen. Wir maskierten uns ein wenig und dann ging es in die Stadt. Die Reaktionen der Einheimischen waren sehr ehrlich, fast wie Kinder, die Ausserirdische sehen.  Die Reaktionen der Touris waren anders, ganz anders. Manche waren genervt, andere wiederum taten so als wuessten sie alles ueber Butoh, viele ignorierten uns. Aber es gab auch welche, die tatsaechlich zu den Workshops kommen wollen.

(um das Bild in voller Groesse zu sehen einfach draufklicken.)