Sometimes life is sweet

Sommer in Deutschland

I am surrounded by sweetness and exhaustion. I decided that this blog post will be a little compilation of some precious moments during my time in Germany. I won’t write about being worn out by the quantity of things I thought I had to do; like renovating my apartment, working with asylum seekers, organizing a festival, tutoring English, teaching German, being part of the Freiburg CI festival and all that with a little one year old on the side. This article will be about 5 times sweetness!

Sweet #1
This morning little Sequoia walked (yes, he walks!) to my side of the bed and said his first word:”Hi!” I think this was one of the most heart warming experiences I’ve ever had.

Sweet #2
One evening at the cloudjam, I was sitting in one corner of the room, observing dancing people and holding my son. I saw and felt how everything in the room became alive and present. The dance, the violin and the focus was flowing easeful together. I was quiet, content and at the right place. I was touched by the reason why I organized this little sparkly festival. I understood that my motivation was to bring all my homes together: Münsingen, the town where I grew up, the Rhineland, where I lived for almost 10 years and the Bay Area, the place where I am living now. All 3 homes were united through my 4th home –  the dance. Just writing this gives me goose bumps. All homes were represented by dear friends, old and new and it made me so tremendously happy that my brother was part of it by cooking deliciously for the whole dance crowd!
An article was written about our Jam by the local newspaper! :;art5701,3357339

All pictures courtesy of Norbert Mörchen.

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Where did we loose it?

My little son Sequoia is already 10 weeks old. In these last weeks, I was thinking a lot what to write about now being a mother. Something that wouldn’t be ‘baby talk’ or ‘mother talk’ or ‘sweet talk’ or ‘ info talk’ or ‘complaining talk’ or ‘advice talk’ or ‘happy talk’. I wanted to write about something else. I am still not really sure what that is as so many people talk and write about motherhood, babyhood and parenthood. A whole big industry is making money by educating us about that totally natural event of having a baby.  Sometimes I feel like being in a quick sand of words not knowing when I will get pulled down, swallowed by the word monster. Continue reading

For Frankie

homeless-copyPhoto by Lad Strayer

Last week at the Thursday Jam I met Frankie. Frankie lay in front of the narrow entrance door to the dance floor, his slumped and deformed body almost completely blocking the door. Everyone that wanted to enter or leave the studio had to literally step over him. He was highly visible and had drooled already a moderate sized puddle when Rajendra and I walked in.  At first, I was irritated and didn’t know if that strange behavior might be some sort of joke of one of the jam attendees. I took my time to put money in the jam box, signed my name on the clipboard and looked at the man laying on the floor a little closer. Rajendra came back and tried to communicate with him. It was obvious that he was totally drunk and definitely not a jammer. I was confused. How can a big studio full of people not realize that an entirely intoxicated, stinky as hell, probably homeless man is laying without shoes on the verge of the entrance door? Regarding the saliva puddle, he must have lain there at least for an hour.

How many people might have stepped over him, smelled him, seen the puddle? 10, 20 or maybe even 30? How come no one in our so called aware Contact Improvisation community hasn’t intervened for such a long time? Continue reading