Anniversary RSVP


Our anniversary is coming up (actually it was on March 16th) and we are celebrating with friends and family in California. It took me a year to settle on the idea of having a party and it took also a lot of negotiations about what to do and mainly how many people to invite. I simply don’t need big crowds to celebrate my connection with Rajendra and beside that, big crowds make me extremely nervous when I am in the centre of attention!

We will only do a tiny little celebration in the middle of a redwood grove in the Oakland Hills. BBQ and cakes from my mother and my sister friend Anja, a pomegranate juice, prosecco with blueberries in the beginning and a little surprise. Everyone is asked to add a page to our Buch Über die Liebe (Love Celebration Book).  It can be a poem, an illustration, a photo or anything else people are  inspired to create when they think of us or the celebration of being together or being on the ocean with dolphins.

Here I want to share a funny RSVP conversation:


nice! planning to be there…



Does “planning to be there” mean you will be there 🙂 ??

….still trying to understand the bay area language dance around
solid answers …
Great that you come or plan to!

Schwuppdiwupp Exposé

Falls Ihr Probleme habt die Sprechblasen zu lesen, klickt einfach auf eines der Bilder, dann seht ihr die Bildergeschichte in einem anderen Fenster.

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