Far West O.

I am spending a lot of my time in West Oakland and help Alex running for City Council. He is a mexican immigrant, gay and married to a canadian psychologist called Christopher, who also immigrated to the USA. Alex was a former figure skater and Christopher a dancer. I think they met on the beach 15 years ago and stayed together since that time. They left San Francisco a long time ago as they had the dream of having their own house. The cheapest realties in the Bay area are in West Oakland. That part of Oakland is, according to the crime statistics still one of the most (if not the most) dangerous spot all over the state. Blight, vandalism, murder, unemployment, hopelessness, despair and rape are the order of the day. Since some months an appalling new fad has developed. The gangs started to take revenge on babies! When I got evidence that this is not just a headline rumor I was speechless of the shock that inhabited my body.
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