Planet to Carmen Serber

Hello visitors to Planet Carmen. I have migrated to earth. You can find my latest posts on my new website There you will find information about upcoming events and offerings in Biodynamic Cranialsacral Therapy, Contact Improvisation and other somatic practices.

If you were on my mailing list at Planet Carmen, I’m sorry about the recent spam posting. I’ve updated my my password and added additional authentication, so that shouldn’t happen again. You can subscribe to my new mailing list at


The sunshine fell off the deck

unnamed-7This is a blogpost for all of you who realized a dream. The dream of a home. I am longing for a deliberate decision about where and how to live. A place to grow and to create. We are at a point where (almost) everything is possible but nothing seems to take us any further. What helped/motivated you to make the move, the jump, the dive, the shift? Tell me, I am curious! Our apartment is too small, the Bay Area so expensive, my job situation is all up in the air and Raj is mainly frustrated and wants to simplify. Continue reading