Udaipur power!

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I had a muesli in a german bakery, a coffee in another guesthouse and I just came from my visit to the city palace. I did not enter the palace I rather prefered to observe the entrance with all the guides trying to talk trourists into a tour. Of course they are all “official” tourguides. They don ‘t guide indian tourists through the palace as they don ‘ t want to be treated like servants. One of the guys told me, while we were drinking chai that they all have a big Ego problem, so they wait for whities to get their money. But business is slow and everybody is working in more than just one job. I learn more and more about indian culture. I like that but it is also exhausting as indians like to talk without a break! I also gave in to foreign coffee places. It is impossible to get a good coffee in a local restaurant so I need to support the german bakery in Udaipur. By the way, the cake there is also delicious.
Udaipur is in comparison to Jodhpur a calm and lovely city surrounded by lakes and beautifully lit in the night. It almost looks romantic as you cannot see the staggering garbage in the water in the darkness. Again I found a great guesthouse, I almost have the feeling of sharing their daily familiy life. Vivek is a young man and he strives to make all his guests happy, though sometimes he is TOO much and I have to escape from sitting in their living room. Yesterday night I accidentially found myself eating with them and a couple from poland. It was really funny especially because more than half of the crew could not speak english and the TV volume was even louder than the voice ot the polish man! Continue reading