Anniversary RSVP


Our anniversary is coming up (actually it was on March 16th) and we are celebrating with friends and family in California. It took me a year to settle on the idea of having a party and it took also a lot of negotiations about what to do and mainly how many people to invite. I simply don’t need big crowds to celebrate my connection with Rajendra and beside that, big crowds make me extremely nervous when I am in the centre of attention!

We will only do a tiny little celebration in the middle of a redwood grove in the Oakland Hills. BBQ and cakes from my mother and my sister friend Anja, a pomegranate juice, prosecco with blueberries in the beginning and a little surprise. Everyone is asked to add a page to our Buch Über die Liebe (Love Celebration Book).  It can be a poem, an illustration, a photo or anything else people are  inspired to create when they think of us or the celebration of being together or being on the ocean with dolphins.

Here I want to share a funny RSVP conversation:


nice! planning to be there…



Does “planning to be there” mean you will be there 🙂 ??

….still trying to understand the bay area language dance around
solid answers …
Great that you come or plan to!