Almost Friday, 13th

Today  – A day full of surprises. Joyous, painful, scary and funny. But most of all a reminder about how fast everything can change in our earthy life and that we can be all assured that life is in control of life and we don’t have any control or whatsoever about it.


Surprise 1)
This morning I passed out while I intended to turn an omelette. I sensed the passing coming, but usually it goes by quickly. This time it did not. I lost consciousness. Gravity helped the pan to land on top of my thigh and the spatula scraped the instep of my foot. I was shocked and scared. Tears fell down my face, then the pain appeared and tiny blisters. I mostly sat in the bathtub today, dripping water over my leg. I slept a lot, had a very curious dream and treated my burn with urine. YES, I did. It was very recommended by my friend who is a Chinese medicine expert! I think it helped. When I try to remember what happened, I can clearly recall the burning pain, when I dropped to the floor being incapable to help myself in that situation. Continue reading