Here I am

11 o’clock

Here I am – Doing Butoh in between Dharamsala and McLeod in Kangra, district of Himachal Pradesh, India. It has an average elevation of 2082.

After the first days I proceed in understanding why I am here. It feels really good to understand something in my life.

The storm of thoughts is still very present, far away from being silent … but I can register and see more where they are coming from.

Just now I had an amazing experience in class where some nice girls were approaching me, then transformed in witches and with all their force they aimed towards putting me in an imaginative box! They fulfilled their task, but they had a damn hard time!

I am seeing the Himalaya, this beautiful mountain formation from the dance studio and the birds are twittering. Sometimes their sounds conjure a smile on my face. In the school I can find silence, death and life. Sanity, insanity and the abyss itself – the place where you feel the fall doesn’ t  stop. Anything is possible and the journey to the subbodies seems endless and full of mysterious wisdom I don’t understand. Here is space for the unknown to become known and to become unknown again if it is necessary. I learned to move and dance but that is just the first step in finding my own dance. I am exploring and I am finding material I haven’t touched before.

Everything is resonating. Everything within space and time.

My mind is watching. He is entertaining me in various ways and sometimes he can be very funny! I see that for the first time in such clarity. The funny mind! Ha, Ha, Ha. We all know that in every judgement lies no judgement and therefore development. Right? So, NOW I say YES to my life. I affirm it to the extent I am capable of!

Enjoy your life friends.