I am happy

I am very happy being alone these days, feeling dependent only to myself and my moods. I am enjoying talking to children on the streets, my guesthouse family and the traders on the streets. Yesterday I even had a very decent conversation with a young woman with excellent English skills. I met her on a muslim celebration downtown Jodhpur.

Jodhpur is loud, noisy and dirty. Cows and cow-shit are decorating the streets accompanied with loads of garbage. Actually the typical picture everybody has thinking about india besides the blue houses everywhere.

The first person I have met after my 24 hours journey in the train was a young guy trying to get customers for a tea shop. The 1st things he told me was how much he earns a month and that he is an orphan. Yesterday I saw him again trying to get in contact with other rare white female tourists at the Mehrangarh Fort. Maybe he will find someone who brings him to white people’s wonderland where milk and honey flows …

It is also my first time that I get so much attention just because of my white skin and my blue eyes. There was no white skin in the train. I haven’t seen any tourist during my whole train trip. I felt very much exposed and always in the center of attention. I was lucky to have found myself in between a lovely indian family and a sick Sikh. After the first awkwardness was over we shared tea, sweets and my knife to fix the screws of the womans’ sunglasses. The gazes of people were mostly friendly, but extremely curious.  Even some people kept their distance as if I resemble an alien creature or something like that.

Luckily I got a recommendation of a guesthouse in Jodhpur. Gio from my Butoh camp told me about “Pushp”. It is a wonderful and peaceful place with a great view to the fort from the rooftop. The owners are calm and very friendly. I almost feel home here. If you ever travel to Rajasthan and stop in Jodhpur PUSHP is the place to be.

Yesterday I visited the intriguing Merangarh fort. If you believe it or not I did an audio tour in german language! The first time I felt like a typical japanese tourist with headphones on my head walking through a tourist attraction. To be honest the audio tour was fantastic, almost no mistake and even a slight bavarian accent which made me smile. Beside being swept away by the pittoresque and fairytale like fort, I was busy in observing people and of course being observed myself. Children wanted to shake my hands, listen to the german language on my audio device and made me take pictures of them. Mostly adults wanted to take pictures of me and that felt and still feels very strange. One time a guy approached me and tried to take a picture without asking my permission. So I told him 20 Rupis. He was very, very confused and didn’t know if I was kidding him. I calmed him down but could not behave myself and made a great monkey face while his friend was taking the picture. Well, after that he ruly did not know how to act anymore said politly “thank you” and rushed away. Doing Butoh for awhile certainly helps to resonate in such a monkey way 🙂

In the end of the tour I went to a hand reader, paid half of the expected tuition and heard as the final result that I have no problems. I just have to sort out the partnership and the work. Well, I am glad that someone told me that in such a simple way.

In my way out I realized that I lost my sunglasses and of course I did not find them again. So I wished for new ones as the whole time in india my simple and clear wishes come true. Amazing observation in action by the way. On the exit sign I turned impulsively around and asked the ticket sales man if anyone found sunglasses. He said no, but gave me another pair someone lost the day before…

Cool when wishes come true.


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