10 days

I have signed up again for a 10 days intensive Breema workshop and I love it!

After my beautiful experience last year, surprisingly I am back and also catch up with some of the participants from last year.

Breema is a type of bodywork that aims body-mind connection in order to become more present in the treatment and also in daily life. The classes include bodywork, meditation, lectures, times for questions and snacks (which are very important :-)). I enjoy learning the “Breema” touch as to me it feels like being in water no matter if I give or receive a treatment. Also I see their approach as a great potential value for anyone with a sincere interest in Truth as it is a practical road of self-understanding. I like practicality and simplicity especially as I have the wish for more taste of life.

I wish to experience and not only assume what mind, body, breath, seeing, existence, self-understanding, soul, feelings etc really are. I am just starting to get a glimpse of understanding about all that. I try to only gather information that comes from a honest and clear intention and not just by the superficial layer of wanting to be become “clever”.

I don’t know much. But I definitely know that I am breathing and if I pay attention to it, I even experience that I exist.

Sometimes I have the impression I am not included in my life and all I do is taking pictures of the life I am living. Like standing in front of the pacific and the most I can do is take a picture and say some flattering words. I don’t know how you experience life but in very rare situations I have the experience of being included. Well, I don’t want to sound like an esoteric queen, but I might call it an experience of being one with all. These precious experiences are so sweet and the feelings that appear so rich, that this is the guideline for me.

Well, I am enjoying touching bodies and feeling mine, I enjoy dancing, watching the ocean, climbing on a mountain and jumping in the water if it is not ice cold or because it is. I like to kiss and try to include the tongue as much as I can. I like hugs, feet and the ribcage. I enjoy planting plants, beet roots and cooking food. I like to write postcards, play with pens and papers and wander around whole foods for hours. I enjoy laughing with friends, drinking ginger beer and the taste of the first coffee. I like to prepare a green drink in the morning as the sound of the mixer awakes me. I enjoy timelessness in flow while being together. I like to feel like a twittering bird when I am happy and I am embracing the world to the extent I feel good with and I still can retreat in isolation when I feel depressed and curse the whole world around me.

And OH yes I nearly forgot I LOVE sneezing!

Therefore I share with you this wonderful timelaps movie.
And it also reminds me that Yosemite is not far away …
if you want to see the video in full screen click on the vimeo link. It is really worth seeing BIG!

Yosemite HD from Project Yosemite on Vimeo.


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