Today I performed in a circle of women sharing stories of life. We all performed because we feel the healing power in that way of sharing and communing with each other and the real treasure to do it together.  I feel what we do and say on a stage like this becomes more valuable and deep, and that multiplied by an audience honestly witnessing makes it even stronger. These instant compositions can open windows to our hearts, minds and embodied values. It is created art by real life, and to witness the humanity, the depth, humor and artistry that might emerge is pure pleasure.

Bodytales ® is certainly not for everyone but it is worth a try if you want to start something new.

This text emerged shortly before our show started. It popped out during our “warm-up” and I used it for my first very short piece.


Spiders in my face,
running wild on top of my lips.
They tickle, nickle, giggle and brickle only to remind me to listen
in honesty and not only by curiosity.
They even prickle my ears, drilling deep inside the beyond.
Another reminder to hear and listen.
The little ones, green and purple weaving a thick mask on my face.
So thick that my vision becomes blurry and no words can be shaped
any more.
Discomfort makes me quiet.
I am resting in silence while peeling off the layered spidery web from my face,
My mind and body following my hands.
Then I can crawl inside my navel to see myself from the inside and

Picture: Smiling Spider by Odilon Redon (1840-1916).


10 thoughts on “Spiderlips

  1. I’m not very fond of spiders but I know the value of listening. Your passion for dance is wonderful and I admire that you are generous enough to allow others to share what you feel while dancing, through written words.

    • Hi Jenue,
      How nice that you stop by my blog! Words are the only way to share an experience that happened through movement. (if there is no video camera handy). But I will also never know exactly what I have shared, because my imagination and experience are individual and create different experiences for the reader. That fact is fascinating, inspiring but it can also be frustrating 🙂

      Alles Liebe,

  2. am mittwoch hol ich meist
    aus dem keller kohlenkleist
    fuer die gute suppe
    aus vogelspinnenkruste

    written by me at age 12

    i love that you partake in these opening honest experiences and that you share them!

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