Sleepless humor


A live experienced story, just before the bells ring for Christmas! Why not adding a little bit of humor in the midst of all the crazyness that seems to happen on our peculiar planet.

Most of you heard the term – sleep d e p r i v a t i o n. Especially known among fresh mothers. Just in case you don’t, it is simply the condition of not having enough sleep. I, finally know what that implies when Sequoia suddenly started to wake up 3-5 times at night. Not funny. But funny things can result from that state.

Last Monday at the SF airport before we flew to Germany, I had to pee. Beside my sleep deprived state of body and mind, I was also sad about leaving without Rajendra. But nevertheless, I needed to pee. I saw a restroom sign and walked in. First thing I see – a man brushing his teeth. I thought:” good idea, I have to do that too when I am done peeing.” After I finished, I searched for my toothbrush, travel toothpaste and brushed thoroughly one tooth after another. Brushing teeth feels good when I am sad. A man came in and then another. The first one was calm and started to wash his hands. The second one looked at my teeth brushing self and abruptly turned around, walked away, turned back again and he kind of started to pace around a little bent over in circles not really knowing what to do. While he did that actually quite interesting little dance, he looked at me the whole time. The hand washer and I watching him. I thought: “he must be confused about something.” The dancing one decided to stop doing his dance and walked into a pee box! (I know that the right term is urinal but I think pee box hits the meaning much better). The calm guy asked him, if he had never seen a woman in a mens’ restroom? He answered that indeed he had never seen a woman doing that. Quickly he asked us how we are doing? (I am sure his face must have been a little red by then.) THERE it ocurred to me that I was in the wrong place! I started to laugh and said while I was still brushing that I will leave asap. The two guys were very kind and said, that I really don´t need to hurry. But I did, a little.

IMG_1351 … and in the name of sleeping – a picture of a sleeping ice bear – my boy.


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