The woman of today is not someone I met in person. I came across her while I was sitting in HELLOAKLAND (a cafe) and saw some of her paintings in a magazine. These pictures immediately stirred up my attention and I started to read some articles, interviews and scrolled through her blog.

Her name is Thais Beltrame. She is my age, born in Brazil, lived in the US and after immigration difficulties she went back to her home country.

I can relate to a lot she is saying, like:

“Today, part of me is very skeptical. I believe in a lot of things, but have no religion. There are things that we have no idea about — it might be memories, energy, people who have died, or some parallel universe. Having those experiences at an early age made me more aware of energies. Simple things—like when you walk into a room and something doesn’t feel right, but you can’t say why.”


We have to face the fact that life and death walk side-by-side. We don’t want to see that we are dying every day. We are living too, but everything is dying. It is beautiful in a way. It’s not like I have a morbid fascination with skulls and vampires; it’s just the beauty of transformation that we have to acknowledge. I love the latin saying Memento Mori. You really have to remember. I think it makes you live better. “

also very much this paragraph. In fact I could have said it in the exact same words.

“Time. I spend a lot of time taking care of my plants; it makes me feel very comfortable. I love listening to the birds singing in the fruit trees. The quality of my tiime is so important and might be very different from how other people judge theri time. People have to get things crammed into their day. To me, it is more about making sure I am feeling all the things I am going through. The beauty of it is that you have sympbols being thrown at you all the time. But you have to be paying attention, or else it will just be a regular day, and you are not going to see anything.”  

When I look at her pictures I see sadness and loneliness. Since I can think I have the feeling that we are alone despite the other newer feeling that we are also not alone. Sometimes I do feel carried from a greater force which lives inside me and everybody at the same time. Her work implies violence too, but she is not showing it. There is not one drop of blood and she says:

“I have no desire to shock anyone and show horrible things about human beings. Wattch the news – you don’t need art for that!”

She is so right with that. All these performative art works and shows I have seen in  the last years that where so dumb literal and boring. grrrrrr.

Finally I can adopt her statement about why she is doing art and would even expand  it to how I am trying to live my life.

She says:

” Art is what I have to do. That is what I feel. When someone tells me they were touched by something I made, I feel like that is why I am doing this. It is not for me. Of course it brings some kind of relief and satisfaction, but I feel like most of the time, my ego doesn’t exist. You put yourself aside when you’re creating. You are just a tool(…) I feel like bringing something from that unknown place we talked about. You are somehow touching a place. And the less control you have, the stronger it becomes. You don’t really know what you are doing. I feel like we are not in a place to question. We just have to do our best, put ourselves aside, and be more humble. I think it’s a higher kind of thing. It is not mundane…

Here is some of her work. Not the best quality I have to admit but it gives you an impression. Just click on the pic.

a little bird whispered that I should mention the links to the websites where I got these material from  in order not to get in any sorts of trouble …




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