Body Tales ® …

… interweaves improvised movement and spoken word story for creative expression, communication and healing. Within this committed and respectful somatic practice, we tend and attend the wealth of embodied resources within our personal and collective lives, and grow our kinship and belonging as part of the Earth.

That is how Oliva Corson defines what Body Tales is.

I started a monthly group and attended a Body Tales retreat last week-end. It took place at GEORGEOUS Salamander Camp in the Santa Cruz Mountains. Hooray!

Yes, another retreat, a tiny little one for only 2 1/2 days. This time it wasn’t about silence, this time it was about story telling, improvisation, 13 women + 1 man. We were in the middle of enormous redwoods, creeks, a stone labyrinth, 3 yurts, a pool and a hot tub. The hot tub in cold nights after a delicious, yummy cooked dinner was tremendously appreciated by most of us. Especially with all of these blinking stars above.

The redwoods around our little camp seemed to approve us being here. I dare to say I sensed a kind of harmony.

We were working many hours, outside in the forest, in the meadow on a big wide open glade and in the movement yurt. We did structured solo, duet and trio work. We invited  everything that wanted to be invited, all creatures of the earth and other universes. We shared stories, sounds and dance in intimate little groups and each session culminated in a performative collage where one person at a time was bodytaling while the others were witnessing.

I watched some of the most touching little pieces I have ever seen in my life. So amazingly rich! Sometimes I held my belly cracking up, sometimes I cried and sobbed alternately, sometimes my perspective started to expand in unknown territory. I felt my body opening and my emotions soften. There was space to express freely and it was comforting not to know what comes next.

It is an a w a k e n i n g experience to see an improvised creation before one’s eye. At least for me. I identify myself more strongly with the performers, my heart beats, my hands get sweaty, my mouth dries out, my stomach cramps together or jumps up and down, even my skin seems to tremble. I am not looking out for mistakes, critic or judgment. There are no mistakes. Improvised material is like living life.  If you dive into it and trust your impulses there is freedom arising and deep contentment may appear (no matter what material is presented!). In a “good” improvised performance I feel connected to the multi-layered emotional landscape of the performer on stage and ultimately to my own as well.

Art is not the purpose of a Body tale but it unfolds itself so incredibly natural. Almost by accident and the clarity is healing.

I have to say, sometimes I love all human beings!

My last sentence on Sunday evening before I drove home:

I can always choose to arrive in the here and move my emotions wherever they need to be moved.

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6 thoughts on “Body Tales ® …

  1. Beautifully written. I’m also remembering the incredible food; I usually start with small portions and come back for seconds. This group reminded of stories I’ve heard from folks who grew up in big families, where the food seemed to disappear if you blinked your eyes.
    I also remember someone bumping into me a lot, she seemed like some playful elf that lit up the space whenever she was around!

  2. Carmen,
    Lovely to read your BT experience and remember our sweet connection. I especially loved our holding hands while in circle after sharing our stories with one another… sweet and warm like two children who have been best friends for a long time. Coming back to BT after a 5 year break was like slipping into a warm slow moving stream letting everything melt away and being reawakened to the sweet sensations that are me, that are you that are each of us. A yummy weekend on every level.

  3. Hmm, und was ist jetzt der Unterschied zu contact? Natürlich ist es draußen viel schöner … würde ich ja gerne fotografieren ;-))
    Lieben Gruß!

    • Hey Michael, der Unterschied zu Contact … Ich denke hauptsächlich die Umsetzung und die strukturierte Form. Außerdem geht es weniger um Körperkontakt mit anderen, was fast immer Voraussetzung für CI ist.
      Eine Bodytales Klasse baut sich auf und kulminiert im Erfahrungsaustausch, präsentiert als Darbietung, bei der der Rest der Gruppe Zeuge ist. Jeder zeigt, jeder witnessed, alle teilen ein Stück Leben miteinander. Contact ist von all dem frei. Es gibt keine *Struktur*. Man erfährt, hört zu, teilt und lebt den Tanz/die Geschichte im Moment, wenn er/sie passiert und meistens zu zweit.

      Liebe Grüße,

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