Schwäbischer birthday blues

My first birthday at home in years and years and years. Last year I laughed and cried underneath the dragon moon in the himalaya on the rooftop of the Butoh school.  I still remember my feelings up there. Hope, faith, exhaustion, sadness and the knowledge that there is still a long way to go until I find a place to stay.

I experienced many big and SETTLE adventures in this past year. Different and completly unexpected adventures. Not even the imagination existed before it became embodied. I expanded my inner world in directions I just start to walk on – with curiosity and open eyes.

I love being on this planet, I love having friends all over the globe, I love being married, I love, love, love dancing, and I understand more about the importance of the messiness of life. Did you ever think about the fact that anything that makes life exciting is somehow connected to allowing messiness to happen? Maybe we are all here to experience that the messiness of everything that makes human life prescious belongs to (earthy) love. Maybe that is what makes our eyes shine, our skin tremble, our tears flow, our mouth smile, our feet ground and our nose happy.

Thank you Anja, you helped me with this messy insight a few days ago ….

In the gallery (please click on it) you can see some pictures of my birthday objects.
I baked the Feuerwehrkuchen, my mom created the Phantasietorte (of course I did the decoration), Nici gave me the Spätzle blues AND a bottle of champagne to celebrate my marriage, her sons and I baked  delicious Käsefü§e (I did not take a picture of our creations though…), the swiss Filzpantoffel are warm and Rajendra’s gift was in the small surprise box. Don’t ask me why my mother’s friend who made these shoes used the swiss flag …

Even my brother and an almost lost friend came to be with me that day.


2 thoughts on “Schwäbischer birthday blues

  1. Hi Carmen
    Happy Birthday nachträglich!!! Bist Du Weihnachten noch im Ländle? Wär schön wenn wir uns sehen könnten. Welcher Artikel hat bei der “Messiness” geholfen?
    Es freut mich sehr, dass es Dir gut geht und dass Du gerne verheiratet bist. Ich denke oft an unsere Gespräche in HH und an die Taufen in der Elbe.
    LG, Anja

    • Hey Anja,
      Es war die Münsinger Anja, die mir bei der ‘messiness’ geholfen hat 🙂
      Ja, ich bin an Weihnachten auf der Alb und freue mich Dich zu sehen. Ich fand unsere gemeinsame Zeit in HH auch super interessant und das Taufenerlebnis war schon ein klein bisschen magisch.


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