Colorful sweetness


Whenever I can, I go to the Farmers Market on Saturday Morning. The Grand Lake Farmers Market is close to my house and I love going there. I stroll around, experience packed aisles full of healthy people, taste fresh organic produce, smell broiled chicken while I try out the newest rosewater tonic from a very knowledgable cosmetician. Sometimes I have a chat with Rupam in her herbal pharmacy and  when I finally have enough of all that, I stop at my favorite coffee place. A lovely Ethiopian lady prepares coffee and tea on a gas stove and serves it on a tray with a little jug of milk and a little bowl of sugar in REAL porcelain cups! For those of you who have never been in the United States, coffee usually is served in paper cups. If you don’t ask for porcelain you won’t get it.
I took these pictures last week-end. Aren’t these tomatoes incredible? Each one of them is unique and looks different. They don’t taste exactly like my grandmother’s tomatoes, which I remember as extremely good. Maybe my grandmother’s were so tasty, because she ripened them in a long row on top of the kitchen cabinet. Heirloom tomatoes are different, taste different and look different than German grown garden tomatoes. These tomatoes are a treat, much better than any chocolate! I heard that they lack a genetic mutation that gives tomatoes an appealing uniform red color while sacrificing the fruit’s sweet taste. I agree, they are so sweet! You could almost think you have a strawberry in your mouth 🙂


5 thoughts on “Colorful sweetness

  1. Hi Carmen, ich würde diese Tomaten gerne im nächsten Jahr auf unserem tollen Allgemeingelaende anbauen. Sie sehen echt super lecker aus. Wie meinst Du kann ich an die Samen rankommen?!
    Alles Liebe! Sandra

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