Storage No. 45


10 years ago I left Düsseldorf. I still remember that day as if it was yesterday. A very present moment engraved into my memory. The truck I rented was very small and fortunately I had very talented friends that knew how to load all of my belongings in  probably the only way everything could fit. It was hard to leave but I was ready to move on, store my stuff in my mother’s garage, seek adventures and meet parts of myself that weren’t visible yet.

10 years later it is happening again. When my dear friend Nicola that helped me pack that truck in Düsseldorf saw that title picture, she said: “Your material life stored in a garage again.” Yes, again. It feels good and timely. My body is lighter and happier. Less stuff produces more simplicity and a deeper listening to what is. This is a process of letting go and of shedding what needs to be shed. Once more an experience of uprooting in order to find more depths; a clear message from my soul and spirit and a deep dive into my love for the unknown. For me, moving seems to be the healthiest and most pragmatic step to clear the feeling of stagnation and the illusion of safety. What else is there to do while the world around us trembles and we all fumble with our masks trying to do the right thing? I am worried about opinions creating more diversions than our planet can endure. I am scared of the viscousness of disembodied humans, especially by its acceptance in our culture and in others. And yet, I am hopeful! I am hopeful my children will grow up into a more equitable future; where nature and humans coexist; where patriarchy will be exchanged for democracy; where we will listen to the sounds of whales and to the voices of black lives which matter. I imagine a world where we can dance with each other again and feel the blossoming of life running through our bodies; that we feel our  interconnectedness with every breath we take; where all children are respected and every adult is willing to deal with their own and their ancestral traumas. I believe in the wonder and contagiousness of optimism. I visualize that every person feels a bond to the earth and knows that Mother Earth is holding everyone with joy and abundance. I believe in a future where listening to the wisdom of trees will become second nature and the feeling of purpose and vitality that every little bird embodies will be inhaled and felt by the innate sensitivity of us precious human beings.




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